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It is often the smallest of details that makes a big difference to the overall appeal of a room. When it comes to the modern bathroom, there are things beyond tiles, color scheme, style and fittings that can instantly alter its ambiance without demanding too much time or effort. Much like neatly stacked toiletries, a clutter-free bathroom vanity counter and lovely lighting; neatly displayed towels give the space a touch of refinement. What seems like a minor detail goes a long way in transforming your bathroom’s visual appeal and ushers in a sense of sophistication.

fun bathroom ideas

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Painted glass is always a treat. A vessel sink made of decorated glass is captivating and innovative, a functional and essential bathroom piece that we can easily call a work of art. It could be a decor element in and of itself, but the fact that it gets to be a part of your morning and evening routine is what makes its appearance even more important and monumental.

art deco bathrooms

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The first half of today’s post is dedicated to making smart design choices. By giving your powder room a clean, tidy look, you will set the foundation for an organized space. Plus, your bathroom will have a clutter-free feel that will make it extra obvious when something is out of place. Which will encourage you to sort it or stash it!

bathroom makeup organizer

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We are always on the lookout for ways in which we can maximize space without giving up on either style or functionality. When it comes to contemporary bathrooms, it is the vanity and the sink with the mirror above that end up defining both the aesthetics of the space and its final style. The floating vanity is undoubtedly the most popular choice among homeowners as it allows one to create a sense of spaciousness visually without sacrificing practicality. But what if you could take this space-savvy goodness a notch higher with corner vanities and smart decor that revamp your bathroom with a dash of panache?

floating bathroom sink

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Refreshing Presence of Green! Green and gray is a less common combination in the bathroom (or for that matter, in any room of the house), and it is hard to pull off unless you get the balance absolutely right. You might want to stay away from very dark shades of green when combining it with gray in the bathroom, as it can create a dull and at times garish atmosphere. Lighter tones of gray combine with lime green and olive green, with a matte finish working well in classic, Victorian and shabby chic style bathrooms, while contemporary bathrooms in gray benefit from simple pops of green.

asian bathroom decor
bathroom: Asian Bathroom Decor 6 Asian Bathroom Decor 2017 37: asian bathroom decorbathroom: Hgtv Best Bathrooms Asian Bathroom Decor 2017 16: asian bathroom decorbathroom: RS Christopher Grubb Brown Asian Bathroom Shower View 3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.1288 Asian Bathroom Decor 2017 9: asian bathroom decorbathroom: Perry Walter Juniper Master Bath Sinks.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1920 Asian Bathroom Decor 2017 12: asian bathroom decorbathroom: Asian Modern Master Bathroom Interior Decor Visualizations Faultless Tagged With Asian Bathroom Design And Asian Design Bathroom Accessories.jpg Asian Bathroom Decor 2017 27: asian bathroom decorbathroom: Spa Bathroom Decor Ideas Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Feel More Spa Like Asian Bathroom Decor 2017 5: asian bathroom decorbathroom: Asian Bathroom Decor 7 Asian Bathroom Decor 2017 36: asian bathroom decorbathroom: Wonderful Minimalist Traditional Japanese Bathroom Design Asian Bathroom Decor 2017 1: asian bathroom decorbathroom: Ikea Clothing Storage Bathroom Asian With Wall Decor Buddha Statue Towel Storage 2 Asian Bathroom Decor 2017 15: asian bathroom decor

Marble is a very suitable material for vessel sinks as it immediately delivers the message of glamour and superiority. A darker vessel sink, especially one placed on a dark wooden vanity, is a compelling piece that can easily contrast the rest of the bathroom’s light decor and so create the harmony between the two sides of the color spectrum.

plants for bathrooms
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Even when they are processed and neatly shaped, stone vessel sinks still have that organic feel to them; a certain striking appeal that works well both as an elegantly shaped stone bowl and a rough round sink that’s coarse on the outside and smooth on the inside.

bathroom window privacy

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Round Vessel Sinks in White and Dark Tones Round sinks with the recognizable shape of a bowl are perhaps the most popular vessel sinks. They have the power to make your bathroom look more elegant, classy and noble. The clean shape of a round sink carries a certain reputation and can undoubtedly assure your bathroom’s wealthy appearance. We like to play around with contrasts and as there are surely many round sinks out there to choose from, the simple tones of white and black or grey are the ones that bring most calming energy into the space.

bathroom ladder

bathroom: Original Ana White Bath Storage Tower Beauty S3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707 Bathroom Ladder 2017 12: bathroom ladderbathroom: 1 Modern Ladder Shelving For Bathroom 12 Bathroom Ladder 2017 50: bathroom ladderbathroom: Be4018d7dd8976bd6774eb892735276e Bathroom Ladder 2017 39: bathroom ladderbathroom: Bathroom Storage Ladder 520761 1360 1600 Bathroom Ladder 2017 41: bathroom ladderbathroom: 48cm Length Wall Mounted 3 Layers Stainless Steel Font B Towel B Font Font B Rack Bathroom Ladder 2017 49: bathroom ladderbathroom: Ladder Shelf Bathroom Modern Double Sink Bathroom Vanities60 9 Bathroom Ladder 2017 22: bathroom ladderbathroom: Wood Leaning Ladder Shelf For Bathroom Bathroom Ladder 2017 2: bathroom ladderbathroom: Walnut Ladder Shelf Mintra Oak Finish 5 Tier Ladder Corner Ladder Shelf White Ladder Shelf In Bathroom Wooden Ladder Display Shelves Bathroom Ladder 2017 5: bathroom ladderbathroom: Diy Handmade Furniture Ideas Bathroom Ladder 2017 35: bathroom ladder

Keeping countertops clean may seem obvious, but it‘s amazing how not lining them with grooming products in mismatched bottles will instantly create a sleek feel. Read on, and we‘ll tell you just how you can avoid a cluttered look and stash essentials elsewhere. If you must place items on the countertop, try grouping them in attractive containers, or opt for matching bottles. More on that later!

boys bathrooms

bathroom: CI Roommates Decals Hawaiian Breeze Boys Bathrooms Wooden Vertical Shelving In White Updated Bathroom Background 1024x1366 Boys Bathroom 2017 35: boys bathroomsbathroom: Boys Bathroom Decor Ideas Lewis Moten Com Boys Bathroom 2017 47: boys bathroomsbathroom: Graceful Boys Bath 3 Images Of Fresh At Painting 2015 Boys Bathroom Boys Bathroom 2017 19: boys bathroomsbathroom: Boys Bathrooms 11 Boys Bathrooms Wooden Vertical Shelving In White Updated Bathroom Background 1024x768 Boys Bathroom 2017 46: boys bathroomsbathroom: Bathrooms FB Boys Bathroom 2017 54: boys bathroomsbathroom: Original Brian Patrick Flynn Small Bathroom Blue V.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707 Boys Bathroom 2017 7: boys bathroomsbathroom: Boys Bathrooms Wooden Vertical Shelving In White Updated Bathroom Background Palette And Recessed Lighting Simple Photography Boys Bathrooms 3 Boys Bathroom 2017 42: boys bathroomsbathroom: DH2010 01 Jack And Jill Bath Wide S4x3 Boys Bathroom 2017 30: boys bathroomsbathroom: DP Aplanalp Teen Pink Bathroom S4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960 Boys Bathroom 2017 29: boys bathrooms

A Slab of Wood All you need here is the right slab of wood, and the more untreated and rugged it is, the better. Of course, some bathrooms demand a more polished approach to even the live-edge vanity top, but we will get to that later. A beautiful and natural slab of wood acting as a vanity top in the bathroom often ends up becoming the unrivaled focal point of the space it graces, and it can also define and determine the style of the room itself. Despite the vanity top acting as an entire vanity on its own, there is plenty of counter space here, and you can extend the length of the vanity top to create even more!






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